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Ravelin is an award-winning fraud detection and prevention platform for online merchants and the payments industry. Ravelin uses a combination of machine learning, graph networks and human insights to detect fraud before the sale happens, saving merchants millions in chargebacks, lost customers and reputational damage.

Ravelin uses the unique combination of the following technologies which has lead to significant success in fighting fraud:

Machine learning: Ravelin’s machine learning models are the primary way to combat fraud and are effective as they learn what fraud looks like based on a merchant’s historical attacks.

Graph networks: Fraudsters rarely attack once. Our networks find linkages between customers so that when a business finds one fraudster, they can block the other accounts linked to that person. This works both within the client’s own data as well as across our entire database.

Behavioural Analytics: We track every interaction users have with our clients’ platforms to spot behavioral trends and insights.