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Connecting payers and payees across Europe

As pan-European leader in payments and transactional services, equensWorldline processes billions of payments, POS and ATM transactions each year. Besides traditional payment services (issuing, acquiring, intra- and interbank payment processing), the company’s platforms are also geared for m-payments, instant payments, e-payments, e-mandates and e-identity transactions.

Clients rely on equensWorldline’s expertise to anticipate European regulatory changes, benefit from transformative technologies, optimize processes, ensure operational excellence and manage risk and fraud. equensWorldline accelerates it’s clients’ time-to-market and digital transformation, allowing them to cater for the shifting needs and increasing demands of their customers.

Being part of the Worldline Group and building on more than 50 years of experience, equensWorldline services a broad, international client base in numerous countries across Europe. The unparalleled footprint allows the company to achieve economies of scale and benefit from synergies, becoming a cost-efficient and competitive business partner for seamless, secure and efficient payment solutions.