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NCR – industry leading transaction processing and fraud prevention

NCR is a global supplier of fraud prevention and payments processing software. NCR’s solutions allow financial institutions, processors and retailers to manage ATM, POS, ecommerce and mobile payment or banking transactions, deliver complex multi-channel payments integration and prevent fraud. NCR’s products are designed to be rapidly customizable, allowing users to take strategic control of their system investments and stay one step ahead of the market and their competitors. 

With Authentic, NCR’s transaction processing solution, customers can:

  • Support all the omni-channel demands of the business today and
    as they evolve
  • Consolidate silos in transaction processing and reduce redundancy
  • Add new and innovative payment types and channels faster than
    their competitors
  • Save costs and have more control by managing, configuring and updating their payment system in house

NCR is the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences.