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NCR – industry leading transaction processing and fraud prevention

NCR is a global supplier of fraud prevention and payments processing software. NCR’s solutions allow issuers, acquirers, processors and retailers to manage all aspects of financial transactions and non-financial events (ATM, POS, ecommerce and mobile payments) via real-time, near real-time, or batch processing. The NCR solution suite delivers complex omni-channel payments integration, device security, authentication, and fraud prevention/detection using industry leading analytics combined with user defined rules. NCR’s products and solutions are designed to be rapidly deployed, allowing users to take strategic control of their system investment and stay one step ahead of the market and their competitors.

NCR’s Enterprise Fraud detection and prevention solution enables users to:

  • Identify and prevent fraud across any payment channel
  • Stay ahead of the fraudsters with a robust set of machine-learning analytic algorithms that adapt as fraud behavior changes within the institution
  • Easily and quickly implement new rules to improve account holder protection when compromising events occur
  • Deliver industry-leading detection rates with low false positives when an analytic and rules based detection are deployed in tandem
  • Integrate data from many different sources to provide detailed, comprehensive, in-flight data enrichment to support enhanced behavioral patterning

NCR is the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences.