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Licensed Payment Solutions 

RS2 provides a proven global payment platform used by major players in the payment industry allowing acquiring, issuing, funding and settlement as well as closed loop products through its flagship payment solution, BankWORKS®. 

The system is deployed globally and supports a wide range of international and local schemes with all their interchange programs and local regulatory requirements, allowing Issuers and Acquirers to process in their local or multi-currency and communicating with their customers in multi-language using the capability provided by the system.

All payment types and services are supported on one platform, where new payment types can easily be added such as crypto-currencies, local schemes providing the client with consolidated reporting and one single view of their business.

BankWORKS® provides omni-channel allowing the authorization and capture at point of sales whether online, in store, in-app, or MoTo. The system is highly configurable – therefore drastically reducing the need for customized developments, highly modular – allowing to configure the platform based on region, product and business needs. Opt for a tailor-made License Software and choose from a range of BankWORKS® products including fraud management, chargeback management, switch, loyalty

The system is fully PA-DSS 3.2 certified. Visit