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Star Micronics

International POS printer manufacturer Star Micronics offers not only the largest range of Bluetooth, Traditional and Cloud POS countertop and mobile printing solutions approved by the majority of payment partners today, but also the most innovative.

The mC-Print™ series, with up to 5 hardware and software interfaces including Bluetooth and Cloud technologies, successfully combines superior functionality with compact design.  The mC-Print can also act as a POS Solution hub powering the printer and tablet plus additional peripherals such as barcode reader and customer display from a single power source, while unique SteadyLAN™ technology provides data, charging and network connectivity directly to supported tablets and phones without having to use WiFi communication.

Star’s range of Bluetooth printers includes not only USB charged Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mobile printers that can connect with Android, Windows and multiple iOS devices, but also the compact and stylish mPOP combined printer and cash drawer solution deployed by a variety of banks globally.

Star’s extensive portfolio provides the very latest POS printing technology for a wide variety of retail, hospitality and kiosk applications.  Unique hardware and software solutions with intuitive SDKs ensure not only ease of integration and versatility but also high performance alongside unrivalled functionality.