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Bankingblocks offers purpose-built financial solutions for fintech and payment companies, which they in turn can offer to their customers. 

These services range from acquiring, alternative payments and banking services (IBANs) to foreign exchange, clearing, card issuing and everything in between. 

Bankingblocks uses “blocks” that their partners can select, arrange and connect to, in whatever configuration they need. With these blocks, fintechs and payment companies can grow their own business and success, block by block. 

Bankingblocks’ partners have direct access to products and services, like the integrated core banking platform, front-end banking and acquiring gateway services, to name a few. However, partners can also choose partial or full white-labels if they are so inclined. 

Bankingblocks has combined the traditional European PI, agency banking and acquiring licenses groups to create a stand-alone modular banking service for the fintech industry. 

Bankingblocks will continue to expand its suite of financial products with new quarterly rollouts, adding to the existing product suite. These rollouts will be added to existing blocks of (but will not be limited to): real multi-currency IBANs (28 currencies), acquiring (Visa, MasterCard, Carte Bancaires, AMEX and JCB), card issuing, SEPA and SWIFT payments, alternative payment methods, compliance and onboarding management.